(A Division of BooBop Media CC) is a data collection website service and a South African webmaster's statistical delight. It not only shows you the full WHOIS information, IP Address, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Loading Page Speed, but a host of its related statistical data as well. Really almost everything pertinent to the SA website's URL you can think of.

This information covers analysis of the DNS Record, Web, Domain & Domain Name Server, Website In-page & Links, Google Scores & Ranking, SSL & General Web Safety Info, Page Title including Meta Description & Tags, Scripting Resources & HTTP Header. Graphs, charts and statistical values pertaining to;  Traffic Ranking, Daily Page View & Unique Visitors, Search Engine Traffic,  Indexes & Backlinks, Social Media Interaction and even a Map & Co-ordinates for the physical Server Location. Plus Social Media Comments, Reviews, Feedback & Ratings of the requested website. offers information based on websites that are South African registered, .com, etc.

We at BooBop Media thrive off information and love having it conveniently at our fingertips, and we are certain anyone involved with website management, SEO rankings, etc. will too.

Everyone knows that etc. is from the original Latin 'et cetera' meaning 'and so on', however only the IT industry knows that it is also a Unix computer directory (/etc). So it really appealed to us as a domain name that gathers other South African domains' information, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ...

In today's environment time is a premium and especially for our website designers and SEO specialists, so having it all setup in one place for them was a brilliant solution. So we setup to gather data through API’s from various 3rd party applications.

All information displayed on this site is from these websites' applications and their various API’s, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Domains WHOIS information
  • Google:  Search
  • Siteadvisor
  • BackLinks
  • Safe Browsing
  • PageRank
  • Maps
  • Google +
  • Alexa: Traffic Rank - Search Engine Traffic - Backlinks
  • WOT: Trustworthiness - Privacy - Child Safety
  • Siteadvisor Ratings
  • Bing Backlinks
  • Domain Authority
  • DMOZ Listing
  • Facebook: Comments - Likes - Shares
  • Twitter Counts
  • Linkedin Shares
  • Delicious Shares


Recently Analyzed Alexa Pagerank Worth Updated 183,597 R 547,944.00 3 years ago 50,196 R 2,413,728.00 3 years ago 2,492,466 R 5,548.80 3 years ago 317,294 R 237,211.20 3 years ago 19,494 R 6,217,430.40 4 years ago 24,064 R 5,043,859.20 4 years ago N/A R 103.46 4 years ago 34,681 R 3,495,744.00 4 years ago 14,456 R 8,389,785.60 4 years ago 9,863 R 13,059,100.80 4 years ago